Made of grapes from the premier growing areas of Kozuf hills in the Tikves wine region, sunbathed by the intensive Kozuf hills sun, chilled by the pleasant winds of Kozuf valley, where river Boshavica quietly runs, Traikovsky wines and spirits, natural home made products, made by old grandpa’s recipe, with lots of love, are a synonym for wines and spirits with impressive character, purity and extraordinary elegance.

Craft Distillery & Boutique Winery

Traikovsky Wines & Spirits is a family owned boutique winery and craft distillery, located in the region of Barovo, in the village of Krnjevo, in the valleys of Kozuf mountain, the newly discovered premier growing areas of Tikves wine region in Macedonia.

We at Traikovsky Wines & Spirits take pride in our determination and commitment to constant quality over the years and the forthcoming future. Every sip of every single spirit of ours today is the same as the very first sip and we can proudly claim it will be the same forever and ever.

There is no compromise with quality. Ever. Ilija Trajkovski
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