Recipes' oldest written records

Records from 1922 are the oldest records we have in writing of the recipes we currently use.


Krnjevo is established as best location

We decided to locate in the region where our ancestors come from, in the valleys of Kozuf mountain, and picked Krnjevo as the best grape growing area due to its climate, soil and no industry mix.


The Distillery is born

We registered the distillery and started distilling and aging our products for the next three years before going on the market.


The Winery is born

We registered the winery and started producing wines as well, using a New Zealand technology for white wines.


Traikovsky is launched domestically

We started selling our wines & spirits in Macedonia. Liquor stores exclusive brand. High end establishments. Home delivery.


Spirits products are exported globally

We had our first exports. And today we export to EU, USA, Australia.


Private rural tourism is started

We started offering a unique rural wine tourism as non other in the country. A completely different experience.


Twelve years old Rakija & new line of wines to be launched

Coming soon...


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