Come, enjoy and feel at home… Spend a day high in the mountain, on the hillsides of Kozuf valley… Breathe nature and fill your body with freshness of pure air…


Traikovsky Wines & Spirits offers unique rural wine tourism. Feeling just like home.

Wine tasting & home-made Macedonian food in authentic village atmosphere, in a village house or under the walnut trees in its backyard, with organized outdoor activities and accommodation in village houses in the woods besides the mountain river Boshavica.

From picnic in the backyard, through hiking through the hills, fishing in the mountain river Boshavica, to visits of vineyards, local landmarks, monasteries, old village houses and sheepfolds, it is adventure you will experience through excellent wines & spirits paired with lovely home-made food, prepared by the crafty hands of old women from the village.


Traikovsky Wines & Spirits, the perfect place for wines and spirits lovers, food lovers, nature lovers, a place for everyone to enjoy and feel connected to nature. Haven in heaven.


Outdoors tasting available only during spring and summer, weekend days,


MAKE A RESERVATION: + 389 2 305 2 205 / info@traikovsky.com





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