The most important for any spirits producer is the recipe. A good spirit requires more than just barrels and technology, its demands tradition. It requires patient waiting for the tradition to mature, to acquire wisdom and start developing its own style.

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Traikovsky Wines & Spirits has been developing that tradition into perfect recipes since 1922.

And the recipes have matured wisely.

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And that wisely matured recipe is completed with the best grapes from Macedonia.

Vineyards at 700m a.s.l., no irrigation, and a mixture of Continental, Mediterranean and Mountainous climate, with moderate summers and sufficient precipitation, make Kozuf valleys ideal for production of grapes.

During hot summer days and cold nights, Kozuf hills provide just the right amount of cool air to build higher level of acids and aromatic substances in the grapes, just like in other ideal dry wine regions.



Interesting info: Brandy is any alcohol made by grape distillation. Brandy made by distillation of grape must is Grape Brandy. Brandy made by distillation of wine is Wine Brandy. Wine Brandy made in Cognac region of France is Cognac. And Traikovsky Wine Brandy VS is the one and only Macedonian Wine Brandy.

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