Grenache Blanc

Traikovsky Grenache Blanc / Belan, a gentle, crystal clear, aromatic, well balanced, fresh and vivacious wine from the line of fresh and aromatic Traikovsky wines. Made of grapes from vineyards at 700m a.s.l., no irrigation, and a mixture of Continental, Mediterranean and Mountainous climate, with moderate summers and sufficient precipitation, and just the right amount of cool air to build higher level of acids and aromatic substances in the grapes, just like in other ideal dry wine regions, Traikovsky Grenache Blanc / Belan is fruity and light bodied, an ideal refreshment for all senses.

Traikovsky Wines

Organoleptic description

Traikovsky Grenache Blanc / Belan, a ripe, earthy and seemingly off-dry example of a Grenache Blanc from the Tikves region in Macedonia, with some buckwheat honey and caramelized fruit notes on the finish.


Sommelier’s recommendation (Matches Made in Haven)
Highly versatile, Traikovsky Grenache Blanc / Belan is perfectly matchable with fresh salads or main meals of sea food or chicken, or medium flavored pork or beef. To be served well chilled, at 7-10C.


Technical data
Geographic origin: the Povardarie wine-growing region, the Tikves wine-growing district
Wine-growing district-sites: Krnjevo, Barovo, Bosava, Vitacevo
Site: south-east, east, west, north
Vineyard area: 10 – 12 ha
Vineyard shape: espalier
Height above sea level: 600-700 m
Vine training: single Guyot
Vine density: 4,000 vines/ha
Vineyards aged:  10 – 40 years
Type of soil:  clay soil, sandy soil
Climate: A Mountainous climate with a mixture of the Mediterranean climate under the influence of the Aegean Sea in the south and the Continental climate influenced by the mountain Kozuf in the north


Wine parameters
Vintage: 2011

Aging period: no aging

Aging material: no aging, storing in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol by volume: 12,4 % vol


Variety: 100% Grenache Blanc / Belan
Harvesting: exclusively by hand


100% in big underground tanks, naturally chilled with underground waters of river Boshavica (production facilities located in the middle of the old riverbed of Boshavica river, a fast mountain river, springing at 20km production facilities, in the heights of Kozuf Mountain)


100% in stainless steel tanks


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